Return to Work – Support Options

We offer a range of services to support your employees returning to work from parental leave, which can be tailored to the specific needs and budget of your organisation

Our Clients

choice of experienced coaches

Your returners can choose between a number of highly-qualified coaches, each offering tried and tested approaches to ensure that they get the most from their one-to-one or group sessions and are prepared to return to their role.

Specialists in working parents

In addition to coaching, our experience has shown that a lot of the challenges and barriers holding parents back from returning to work are linked to fundamental issues, like infant sleep or mental health difficulties.

That’s why we also offer you the choice of including on-demand, remote one-to-one consultations with a choice of 23 hand-picked qualified and experienced specialists, as part of your package. These specialists can assist your returners with the eight most common challenges facing working parents.

The Parent cloud hub

You can choose to include access to the Parent Cloud Hub, providing your people with online access to:

  • Live Webinars and events led by our Experts
  • Library of recorded Webinars and Videos
  • Guides and resources for HR, Managers and Employees



Remote Online Sessions

Choose which areas of specialism and the number of one-to-one sessions you would like to offer your returners.

Parent Cloud Hub

Full access to our hub, including online resources, guides and 20+ webinars a year for all employees across the organisation. This includes our bi-monthly four-part antenatal course.

Tailored In-House Workshops

Face-to-face workshops led by a variety of experts withing all our areas of specialism.

Tailored Webinars

Choosing from our directory of webinars, led by a broad variety of experts within all our areas of specialism.

Group Coaching

We have two group coaching courses available led by two of our top coaches.



We give employees the choice of which coach or specialist they want, which has been proven to significantly increase engagement.


All our specialists are hand-picked and vetted to ensure we offer you the best support available, across each area of expertise.


We average a feedback score of 4.73/5 for our one-to-one sessions, highlighting the calibre of our coaching and service.


With availability throughout the week, including evenings and weekends, we make it easy for your returners to find sessions using our online booking tool.


We give you the choice of how many sessions to include in your package, along with the areas of specialism you want to include.

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