Michelle Cooke

Child Behaviour

Michelle is an experienced parenting practitioner and social worker who has worked with families for over 20 years. She has a naturally empathetic approach and brings her wealth of experience to help families in need of her support. She makes sure to tailor her approach to the needs, preferences and circumstances of each family and will work with you to understand what is going on and how best to support you. 


I’m a working mum of 2, with a 12 year old boy and a 10 year old girl, so I’m acutely aware of how hard it can be to juggle work and home commitments. At its best, family life can be a joy – filled with laughter and love – but let’s be honest, it’s not always fun. It can be mundane, exhausting and challenging. 

So often you feel like you’re not being the parent you want to be or the professional you want to be. Often you can feel like you’re falling short on both. Just when you think you’ve finally cracked it, understand your child, and feel confident in your parenting – suddenly something changes and you feel like you’re doing it all wrong again.

My work with parents is all about helping them to develop strategies that will build confidence, reduce stress, and bring a little more of that elusive joy element back into family life. I love supporting parents to understand children’s behaviour, work out how they want to parent and what changes would work for their child, so that they can enjoy being together as a family and feel confident in their parenting.

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