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Parent Cloud is helping to transform businesses by creating a workforce of healthier, happier parents. Through us, employees gain online consultation access to specialists in fields such as antenatal/birth/postnatal coaching, breastfeeding, nutrition, infant sleep, therapy sessions and career coaching. The result: increased employee engagement, improved mental wellbeing and more gender-inclusivity. We also offer in-house workshops to help those approaching periods of extended leave, returning to work and beyond.

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Return to Work Support

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Breastfeeding & Bottle feeding advice

Caring, open-minded support and guidance to help you through the challenges of breast & bottle feeding.

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Giving you the guidance and tools you need to get you back on track.

Personal, Professional & Career Coaching

Helping you understand and formulate your aspirations; developing plans to make it happen.


If you’re starting to think about embarking on Fertility treatment or you have been trying for a baby …

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Child Behaviour

Helping you to understand your child’s world and implement strategies to help to make life more manageable.

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Antenatal, Birth & Postnatal Coaching

Giving you the knowledge and confidence to feel equipped for what lies ahead.

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Giving you a variety of tools and techniques that can be tailored to your families needs and preferences.

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Helping to improve you and your families nutrition.

Relationship Coaching & Counselling

Becoming a parent can be challenging in many ways and often increases the pressures placed on relationships. Many …


While going through the menopause is something every woman will face it doesn’t make it any easier and …

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57% of mothers at the end of maternity leave feel they don’t have the confidence to return to work.


Working Parents are 40% more stressed than their childless peers


Mothers are 50% less likely to be promoted than other women in your workforce


93% of working women say it is hard to combine a successful career with caring responsibilities.

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Parent Cloud is a group of like minded and talented coaches and advisors offering on-demand remote support to help families to thrive. If you’re passionate about improving the lives of working parents then we’d love to hear from you.

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Our mission is to make the lives of working parents easier and in turn have a positive impact on the performance of businesses by improving their employees mental health and gender diversity. Our monthly newsletter includes useful statistics on the difficulties working parents face alongside some interesting articles to help you to better support them.

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My daughter has given me around 3-4 hour’s broken sleep a night since birth (she’s 22 months), since my consultation and making a few (and not even all yet) of the changes suggested, I have had 4 whole nights of uninterrupted sleep! This is unheard of and is just remarkable!

A working mother

Octopus Investments

As a business that places great emphasis on family values, we were keen to find a benefit provider that could make a real difference to the lives of our working parents and their families. Parent Cloud was the perfect choice. Their service was incredibly easy to implement, affordable and has been very well received across the business. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Managing director

FS Group

We’re so pleased to have engaged with Parent Cloud. The service was very simple to implement and roll out across the company and we can see from our monthly tracking report that our working parents are really engaging with it. The employee feedback has been great and I’m looking forward to seeing the impact it’s having on engagement. I would highly recommend the service to any business who is looking to improve engagement, mental health and gender diversity.

Kirstie Hawton

HR Director, Octopus Group

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